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3 child pleasing holiday activities close to Alnwick

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3 child pleasing holiday activities close to Alnwick

Going away with your family is an important part of growing up and there will be discussions about where to go and what to do. Finding activities that please everyone is not always easy depending on differences in ages, interests, weather and how far away from your holiday base these things are as not everybody will want to spend even more time in the car.

Here are 3 great examples of child pleasing activities close to Alnwick that both the children and adults will find appealing and get the most fun out of.

It is not well known that there is a child based mini golf course hidden in the Alnwick garden but to play does not mean you have to go into the gardens or castle to play. Tickets can be booked online in advance or if you want to take your chances you can try to see what availability there is on the day by just presenting at the mini golf ticket office which is opposite the main gate to the Alnwick Garden.

The Forgotten Garden is an adventure golf course and is full of fun and surprises. The Forgotten Garden can be accessed easily from the town entrance gates next to the Play House and Bondgate Arch. Booking will be essential at peak times and can be made via the Alnwick Garden website.

Rock pooling at St.Aiden’s Beach, Bamburgh

One of the best things about a beach based holiday is the rock pooling and clambering over dunes to get to the beach. St.Aidens’ beach offers both and once there, families will usually at some point gravitate towards the low level rocks near the lighthouse. There are plenty of places and shallow pools to dip into and who knows what you will find hiding under pebbles and shells. A real adventure awaits and be sure to watch out for jellyfish that regularly get washed up on the sand. Be sure to bring a bucket, spade and small net as well as some old trainers as some of the rocks can be slippery.

Cragside National Trust Property – House and Gardens.

Cragside House brings visitors from far and wide to visit the house and learn of its place in History as the first house in the world to be lit by HEP. While there many will take time to explore the wonderful surroundings of woods, lakes, trails and play areas as well as a carriage drive round the estate for those looking for a an easier way to take it all in.

Families can bring a picnic and set up on the rocks overlooking the lake or close to the play areas where picnic tables can be found. Children can enjoy being in the shade of the huge pine trees and follow the trails and nature walks and who knows what you will find in Nelly’s Labyrinth , a network of paths and tunnels running through the rhododendron forest !!

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