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Coming soon..Alnwick’s newest attraction!

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Coming soon..Alnwick’s newest attraction!

At Hourglass Holidays we are always happy to stay up to date with new attractions and places to go during your stay.
The newest attraction is called Lilidorei and has been under construction for quite some time, so it exciting to see the most recent progress as its now visible from the road.
Lilidorei is a unique play space and we cannot wait for it to open!
So, we have seen recently that work at the Lilidorei site has picked up pace and just this week an article appeared in the Sunday Times providing more details on when it will be open,what Lilidorei is and how much tickets are expected to be.

So Lilidorei is best described as the worlds biggest outdoor play area where you will hear the residents made up of pixies,fairies,goblins and gnomes through the immersive sound system but not be able to see them.
The project has been 10 years in the making at a cost of £17 million pounds and is the fantasy land made real by Jane Percy who is married to the Duke of Northumberland. The outdoor play space is aimed at encouraging children off their mobile devices and out into the fresh air where they can be free to play, use their imagination and invite new topics of conversation with their families and friends. Hopefully all will enjoy a magical and fun filled day that will be special in every way!
Lilidorei is expected to be open by Easter having had some setbacks which has pushed the opening plans back and back.
Hourglass Holiday homes are well within a 10 minute walk and are conveniently situated for families visiting any of these attractions.
Lilidorei is a very exciting project and we wish them every success.
More details will follow as we get closer to the opening date.
Hopefully it wont be too much longer and we can update you with more exciting news on Lilidorei.

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