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The land of make believe!

How wonderful to wake up the snow and decide to go for a walk through the meadows following the river Aln which sits right under Alnwick Castle,home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. Off to the Land of make believe..how lovely!

The meadows can be easiky accessed and can be reached from 2 roads that sit alongside the estate on either side of the castle. On one side you have the famous and well known Lion Bridge which sits right under the castle walls. On the other side of the meadows is another road which runs between Alnwick town and the A1 but brings you to the main entrance to the Alnwick Garden.
Either road has parking places if needed to access the meadows where you can enjoy wonderful views of Alnwick Castle,the river Aln,beautiful open countryside and now the first proper view of the bew family attraction Lilidorei.

Its not actually obvious to see it until you are directly opposite and it really did look lovely in the sun with the morning light hitting the shiny towers. Its a sizeable piece of play equipment and the slides coming from the top to the bottom look like they are going to bring huge amounts of joy to its many visiting families when it opens around Easter.
Amongst the main play structure are other smaller huts and cabins to play in and they will bring the play village to life.
Lilidorei is going to be the worlds biggest outdoor play area and is the latest project of Jane Percy, Duchess of Northumberland. It has been more than 10 years in the planning and is expected to bring thousands of new visitors to Alnwick.

The story of the Lilidorei redidents and why they have left is still unclear and i believe its up to the children who play there to duscover for themselves what has happened and why the elves,fairies,pixies and gnomes have left.

There are no visible main characters to see,but you will be able to hear them through the soundscape within. Its a one of a kind playground and is fully immersive through sensory exploration and use of imagination.

What amazing adventures await the visitors who come to our new land of make believe and its very exciting to know its not too far away now.

Hourglass Holiday Homes are town based and all within an easy 10 minute walk of these major attractions. Stay closer to the locations and book through us to make the most of your holiday time.
More updates to follow as we learn more of Lilidorei.

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