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Red sky at night what a delight!

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Red sky at night what a delight!

For all that Northumbria has to offer with Coast and Countryside there is one huge thing that almost goes unnoticed and so to remind us of it’s presence we are sent the most incredible visual sunsets that keep those who are blessed enough to see them or experience them talking for days afterwards.

Most recently , due to unseasonably warm weather we have been gifted some of the most beautiful skies that i have ever seen. Usually they sneak up on you , almost unnoticed until they reveal themselves in full and you are left with no choice other than to stop what you are doing , grab your camera and head outside to get a better view.

In early January we suddenly became aware that our late afternoon blue sky had turned a lovely shade of pink , purple and yellow. As the minutes ticked by we  stood and watched the colours deepen as they changed and became more vibrant – totally out of this world !!

Pictures were taken and shared with friends and family far and wide who like us, could not believe what they were seeing. One of my friends actually asked me where I was as the thought i had wondered onto the set of Star Wars! Another asked if they were looking at a vision of heaven or a glimpse of hell! it really was that striking and felt like it was right upon us rather than in the distance. it really was a very strange and unworldly evening.

Fortunately as the evenings draw in over Alnwick we are often treated to these beautiful skies as each day comes to a close. For those in the know,there are many high points nearby to head to in order to get a better view. Alnmouth is one such place , being less than 10 minutes drive and from high up over the village you get a stunning vantage point of the river Aln winding its way down to the sea.

Another beautiful place to stop and watch is the view point at Eglingham Vale which is on the main rosd between Alnwick and Rothbury. There are several places to pull the car in safely off the road and at least one has a bench to sit and enjoy the evening sun.

There is something in the natural light in Northumberland that makes everything appear differently. The skies are bigger, the air is cleaner and the skies here are vast, open, wide spaces that form an entertainment of their own. The clouds form unusual and interesting shapes in the sky and its easy to get distracted by whats right over your head.

During my stays in Northumberland I have witnessed some of the most beautiful spectacles I have ever seen. Not surprisingly reports of The Northlern Lights have been made recently with sightings as close as Alnmouth. Holy Island, Bamburgh and Amble.

We encourage guests to come and see the wonders of nature for yourself and take a few minutes to enjoy the colour and magic of these stunning skies.



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