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Spring break – its time for a change of scenery!

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Spring break – its time for a change of scenery!

Now that Christmas and New Year are gone its time to turn our attention to other things!
Most likeky and top of the list is a get away before we start thinking about the next major event in the year which is usually Easter.
Before we get into that its important to take time for ourselves, to clear away the cobwebs and take some days out to enjoy those cold,blue sky days and watch the Spring flowers start to come into bloom.
Northumberland has a wonderful number of things to see and do at anytime of the year but the Spring is especially special in Alnwick due to the large amount of cherry trees that can be found in the Alnwick Garden and around the town,making Spring actually magical.
The Alnwick Garden has a cherry orchard filled with dozens of cherry trees spread over a large bank and set between them are large wooden swing seats for all visitors to enjoy at their leisure.
The best time to see the cherry trees is usually late April or early May and its one of the highlights within the calendar of the Alnwick Garden. There is even a cherry cam available where you can click on the link to see the cherry blossom live feed. This can be found on the Alnwick Garden website.

Another place for a wonderful visit to see the Spring flowers is Howick Hall- home of the famous Earl Grey tea.
The gardens within the estate are well managed and there are lots of lovely places to expolre. There is a hard path making the use of pushchairs or scooters easy and mud free as well as wide open spaces for children to run free. You will find also a sensory garden filled with things to enjoy quietly but mostly this is available for family members who have additional needs. Its an absolute joy to expolre and even the most simple things like filling a watering can from a garden tap or playing with small felt mice in a mouse hotel are available for all to enjoy.
The estate in Spring in filled with daffodils, snowdrops and blossom on top of the sound of nesting birds. It really is very special and can be found between Alnwick and Craster.

So before we get too far into the year, take some time to enjoy these places all within a few minutes of Alnwick town. There is nothing like seeing life returning after the winter and the spring is jam packed with beauty. Why not see some of it in Alnwick? Its a complete pleasure!

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