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Making the most of every minute with Hourglass Holiday Homes

Introducing our in-house concierge service

Time away with friends and family is precious and when you are self -catering a big portion of your time is spend doing things that you would probably prefer not to be doing while you are on holiday, but because you are self- catering there are things that still need to be done.

Grocery shopping and keeping on top of the holiday food supplies is one of the biggest bug bears as its time consuming and often requires multi trips to the nearest supermarket or store. To make things like this easier and less taxing on your time away Hourglass are happy to offer the following services as part of our concierge service:

Grocery shopping and unpacking with everything put away before you arrive. This can be done two ways – either you do your online shop and get it delivered to the property after 10am on the day of your arrival to allow the previous guests to vacate  OR you can email Hourglass your requirements and we can shop and unpack for you.

Holiday housekeeper – Hourglass are happy to offer a one off or daily housekeeper who will attend the property while you are out and do any tasks like bed making,  loading or emptying the dishwasher, hanging up any washing to dry from the machine and generally having a bit of a tidy including  sorting out  and removing any recycling.

Holiday laundry – Hourglass are happy to visit the property mid stay and while you are out, get any laundry turned around and ready to reuse.

First night dinner ready for your arrival offering a variety of family dishes which can be ready to reheat once you have arrived. Meal selection and discussion of any requirements can be made well in advance and can include salads, bread and olives, cheese and biscuits and a pudding.

The same can be offered for a mid- week night off if you want to have something ready after a long day out.

If you are celebrating a special occasion during your stay Hourglass are happy to help organise any requirements like cake, balloons, a hot tub or bottles of champagne or prosecco on ice.

If you would like any reservations made for you at local pubs or restaurants or wish to speak with us about recommendations we are more than happy to help.

This is an additional service and there will be costs involved however our team are on hand to discuss your requirements and will advise you of costs which will vary depending on what you would like done.

Feel free to call or email and we can get started so you don’t need to waste any holiday time sorting things out when you could be doing holiday things instead.