Hourglass Holiday Homes




The small town of Rothbury is  very popular with visitors, walkers and cyclists from far and wide who come to enjoy the beautiful views over to the Cheviot Hills and Simonside as well as the gentle Coquet River which flows at the edge of the town. There are small independent shops and cafes to enjoy as well as some nice pubs with a well stocked bar and menu to enjoy.

Within a 5 minute drive of the town there is the National Trust property Cragside which was the first home to be lit using hydro electric power. The Grade 1 listed Victorian Country house sits on a beautiful estate with several lakes, an extensive rock garden, sizeable collection of Rhododendrons and a forest of spruce and pines trees all around it, one of which is the tallest Scots pine in Britain at over 40 metres. Visitors are encouraged to follow the woodland trails and enjoy the surroundings however, it is possible to drive round the estate and park closer to the lake if needed.


Families are welcome to bring picnics too and enjoy them at picnic tables as they walk through the estate or sit on the rocks at the side of the lake. This is a wonderful peaceful place to come and spend some time exploring and walking in wonderful woodlands.

A hidden gem within one of our most loved attractions.