Red sky at night what a delight!

For all that Northumbria has to offer with Coast and Countryside there is one huge thing that almost goes unnoticed and so to remind us of it’s presence we are sent the most incredible visual sunsets that keep those who are blessed enough to see them or experience them talking for days afterwards. Most recently […]

Something for twitchers to twitch about!

For those who love nothing more than to sit quietly and watch birds Northumbria offers some magical places to sit and twitch! On the Northumbrian coastline you are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to pull in with views over the sea with one such place near Bamburgh called Budle Bay. Here you […]

Walking in Warkworth and Ambling in Amble!

I think it would be fair to say that Warkworth is one of the most picturesque places on the Northumbrian coastal drive. Sat between the Coquet rive and estuary Warkworth has not just pretty places to see but has history, cafe’s, shops and activities to help you experience it’s offerings from all sides – with […]

Top 10 things we love about Northumberland

Northumbria is often described as ‘The Forgotten Kingdom’ which we believe has come about due to its location. Sitting between Durham, Cumbria and Scotland, Northumberland does seem to be a place between better known places that visitors are on their way to and as a result holiday makers seem to either pass through or not […]

5 Northumbrian Golf courses worth taking a swing at!

For those new to the area and wondering what’s on offer for golfers here are 5 great courses worth playing and all within a 30 minute drive of Alnwick. Alnmouth Golf Club, Foxton Hall Established in 1869 Alnmouth Golf Club is the 4th oldest golf club in England and is steeped in history. The course […]

A blast from the past Discovering Northumbria’s industrial history

When it comes to trade and industry Northumbria is not short on offering a glimpse into the past with so many famous visible landmarks and many still operational. Farming, agriculture and fishing are all still present and essential to our everyday lives but what about the industries from days gone by? Have they simply been […]

3 child pleasing holiday activities close to Alnwick

Going away with your family is an important part of growing up and there will be discussions about where to go and what to do. Finding activities that please everyone is not always easy depending on differences in ages, interests, weather and how far away from your holiday base these things are as not everybody […]

Northumbria in film and TV

When you visit Northumbria and get to see the stunning landscapes and backdrops to sea and land its comes as no surprise that location scouts have a wealth of places to choose from and in many ways are spoilt for choice. When I first discovered Bamburgh in 1996 I had this very strange feeling as […]


When it comes to unusual places to visit Bamburgh must be one of those near the top of the list. If you were unaware of the castle by the sea as I was when I accidentally stumbled across Bamburgh more than 20 years ago, then it comes as a real surprise to see this come […]